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in case you didn’t know, sigma’s a fucking brony

like literally. some of the GAULEM models in the list in the security room were named:


which, as pointed out by others, correspond with my little pony characters. this was confirmed by the translators. i don’t have knowledge of mlp but apparently they’re, in order, “list” (twilight sparkle), “apple” (applejack), “kind” (fluttershy), “party” (pinkie pie), “gems” (rarity), “dragon” (spike), and “20% cooler” (rainbow dash), and “fm” stands for “friendship model”

like this was inserted by the translators but in-game sigma klim had to have named all of these. sigma klim the fuckign brony

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in case you didn’t know, sigma’s a fucking brony

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the person who wrote the longest 999 fic and the person who wrote the longest vlr fic both follow me. hey there. nice dedication to zero escape (thumbs up)

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im laughing so hard we were jokingly discussing quark = dio’s kid. and it’s a running joke that light = quark. and then there’s the crappy theory i hate that light = brother. if all of those things were canon light would be his brother’s clone’s son. that’s like being his own uncle. light = light’s uncle

ok ppl make quark = clone of left theories a lot but are we forgetting that dio Did The Do that one time for all we know he could be a dio kid which is absolutely terrifying

(small addition that’s far, far less likely but something to think about: i saw someone say that diana was the girl who was involved with him as a theory, and i’m not exactly on board with that, but since luna was modeled after her and luna has blue eyes, diana would have blue eyes which could explain why quark would have blue eyes if he was dio kid)

pengychan yeah, hazuki means “eighth month”— which is fitting, because of eight, and because her ex-husband’s name is ichiro, or “first son” if i remember right, and their kids names are nona and ennea— greek and latin (iirc) prefixes both meaning “nine”

clever as fuck

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Whispers kannao 2




On the nose~!

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pengychan oh man some were only just feelings but lemme see if i can remember them all

alice- jan 9- just a gut feeling really, mostly around just january itself— i might’ve subconsciously related winter to ice, going with my alice = all-ice theory
luna- february 29- i associate february with kindness, gentleness, etc, which fits luna, and also pastel colors like the ones in her color scheme. i made sure she’d be created on a leap year, so it’s be kinda a joke that even though 17 years passed since she was made by dr klim, she would only have had 4 birthdays
phi- march 14- OK THIS ONE’S GOOD i was GONNA make phi december, but. 3/14. it’s pi day. just. people making shitty phi day jokes at her expense. i had to
clover- april 16- mostly bc 4/16, four and four squared. april having to do with spring helps, but honestly i should have made it earlier on bc the fng kids were in heavier clothing and the fng took place on/around her birthday
kubota- may 11- not much reasoning other than i REALLY associated him with taurus and his whole birthday has a root of 9
junpei- may 18- not much significance honestly— you could say that it’d mean one of the last times he saw akane as a kid was near his birthday, but he’s canonically a taurus which ruined my late-november-sagittarius idea
kyle- may 30- kind of a jab at the clone thing with gemini while not crowding june with birthdays
akane- june 4- i just had to make her a june birthday, it only makes sense u know. but since i love akane i made her birthday the day after mine
quark- june 6- 6/6, for 6 different kinds of quarks!! ignore the fact that if quark was younger he’d be born on 6/6/66.
dio- july 1- i wanted a nice, round number that looked like it was planned bc of fts and all, but also wanted him a cancer for his ties to disease/radical-6
seven- july 25- seventh month really, that’s about it
hongou- august 5- going with your leo idea
hazuki- august 11- hers was originally february, but i changed it to be in the eighth month, since it slipped my mind that her name meant that
aoi- september 21- aoi just seemed like a huge virgo that’s all i have to say
sigma- october 11- october’s associated with black cats yadda yadda but i mostly thought 10/11 suited him. weird mind stuff
ennea/nona- november 1- someone who rp’d nona with my ennea helped me decide on this, it was originally the day before junpei’s original birthday for reasons i can’t recall
light- december 30- because he’s definitely get a combo birthmas present, except for clover, who knows better. he just seemed like a december guy u kno

ok this got really long But

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"hey what’s your sexuality headcanon for that character?"


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