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how would a crossover between sdr2 and zero escape work when there are 16 teenagers but just 9 numbers? I'm really curious, this au sounds interesting : O


when i was thinkin about it i ended up just leaving some out which was fucking sad because some of the ones i left out were among my fav characters

i mostly included a character if i could think of a nickname for them WHOOPS

i ended up leaving out twogami teruteru koizumi saionji ibuki gundam and tsumiki in my initial ones but thats just…………………………… kinda disappointing. there’s soooo much wasted potential with twogami especially…………… i mean im probably not following through with this au but its still sad that the numbers dont match

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do u know how many times i’ve been in a conversation where it’s “man i really wanna see an au of ___” and i was like “WAIT I HAVE NOTES ON MY PHONE FOR THAT GIVE ME A SECOND”

i can make up full aus on the spot

Hey snow! Followed you for awhile now and I just wanna say I love all the headcanons you've ever come up with! So awesome to read! Always a pleasure havin ya on my dash so keep up the awesomeness :3

wtf thank you so much i love making headcanons they’re lik my favorite things ever im glad other people like them !!

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kensukei replied to your post: mikan—tsumiki said:what the fuck…

Chelsea passed out in the kiddie pool. Just added around 28 boxes of jello powder. Will let you know how it works out

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ok so i know you made this last year, but about your sai and photoshop cs6 post. are they for PC only, or mac only, or both?

you mean the programs?? im not sure what youre referring to

if you do, sai is for the pc only but i believe there are versions people have made that are compatible with macs— but i would have no idea where to find those and i can’t promise they’d be especially good in the slightest, i’ve only heard of them a few times so i don’t have any experience with it whatsoever

as for photoshop cs6, i’ve never used it but a quick google search makes me think it’s for both pc and mac

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